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eco bio-farmed produce Amberline Preserves, Benburb, NI


Based just outside Benburb in County Armagh,

we make our award-winning original Amberline Preserves using fresh ingredients foraged from our bio/eco farm near Peatland’s Park. Together with my husband, Seamus, we work the land and sell our fresh and ambient produce at farmers' markets throughout Ireland.

All of our produce is eco/bio-farmed. No chemicals have been used on our farm for over 30 years. Combining wild foraged herbs, blossoms, and berries with our farmed fruits and vegetables, all ingredients in our products are seasonal, freshly picked, and hand-processed. 


We invite you to try our range of natural products and hope that you enjoy them nearly as much as we enjoy making them for you.

 Alicia Breslan

Amberline Preserves


Our delicious and nutritious product range contains at least 70% fresh fruit and vegetables grown on our own farm, as well as wild seasonal ingredients foraged from the surrounding countryside.


Featuring preserves, confitures, syrups, cordials, pestos, savoury preserves and sauces, and prebiotic foods and drinks, there is a host of innovative flavour combinations to enjoy. 


Our preserve range is created with only naturally occurring sugars and is particularly popular with parents of young children, those on a sugar-controlled diet, and the health-conscious seeking a satisfying alternative to traditionally sugar-laden products, without compromising on taste.


The origins of our vast range of naturally preserved raw sauerkrauts and kimchi salads come from an age-old tradition that is enjoying a renaissance with both gourmet and health-conscious consumers as staple condiments in good food circles.


We're proud that our products have received the good food seal of approval by chefs throughout greater Belfast,  recognised and recommended as local, honest, traceable and, most importantly, delicious.


All of our products are FREE FROM gluten, dairy, egg, soy. GMO, palm oil, preservatives or colourings.



All of our preserves and confitures contain a minimum of 70% fruit, no added sugar, and are low GI.


We use only nature`s sweeteners to create our products. Naturally occurring fructose and GMO-free  Finnish birch tree extract (or from our own farmed trees)  provide a sweet taste that is also neutral to blood sugar levels.


Our jams contain probably the highest fruit content and lowest carbohydrate and sugar count of all preserves available.

Low GI No Added Sugar Preserves & Confitures by Amberline Preserves
Great Taste Award-Winning Syrups & Cordials by Amberline Preserves



We are very proud of our award-winning syrups and cordials. In 2015, our Fragrant Wild Rose Syrup was awarded a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards, and in 2018 we received 2 Great Taste Stars for our Irish Pink Champagne Rhubarb Cordial.


​To sweeten our pressed syrups, we use low GI Irish or Finnish birch tree extract, proven to provide a pleasant sweet taste. These extracts contain much fewer calories and, more importantly, have a neutral impact on blood sugar levels. Alternatively, we use raw, natural honey (where bees are fed with their own honey). We never use sugar, glucose solutions, synthetic aspartame or sorbitol as found in many other product ranges.


Our syrups and cordials are great for diluting in water, hot tea, smoothies, summer cocktails and drinks or drizzling over yoghurt, fresh or poached fruit. Try adding them to vinegar and oil to create your own salad dressings.


Choose from a range of vibrant and fruity flavours to light and aromatic flower and herb infusions, and antioxidant and vitamin-rich mixes, such as customer favourite, The Kick syrup.


Our pesto, savoury preserve and sauce range make great toppings for pasta, rice, meat dishes or as condiments, spreads and dips.

Our pickled product range contains very little or no vinegar, so the real taste and crunchiness of the vegetables are preserved, and all of our flavours are seasonal.

Gourmet Pestos, Savoury Preserves & Sauces by Amberline Preserves


Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods & Drinks by Amberline Preserves



Our range of live fermented and prebiotic foods and drinks include pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir.


According to health and nutrition studies, these products can be beneficial to boosting and cleansing the digestive tract with good gut-supporting bacteria, this range can help to alleviate many digestive and immunity problems, assist your body to absorb more nutrients from your everyday diet, and give you energy.


For best results, we suggest that you vary your selections and add often, but in moderate quantities, to your daily diet.  

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  • The Nutmeg Health Store  Belfast and Bangor

  • The Two Sisters Fine Foods Belfast

  • The Dairy, Gleno, Co. Antrim

  • The Larder Fine Foods, Warrenpoint

  • The Indigo Cafe ,  Portrush

  • Hillstown Farm Shop & Cafe,  Randalstown

  • Zest Health Store,  Armagh

  • Eatwell Health Food Store, Belfast

  • Bread & Banjo Artisan Bakery,
    Ormeau Road,  Belfast

  • Ellison`s Health & Wellbeing, Newtonwards

  • The Yellow Door Deli, Woodhouse St. Portadown

  • Dougie`s Farm Shop,
    Cookstown Road, Dungannon

  • Ward&Co Fine Foods Belfast

  • McElroy`s Fruit&Veg East Belfast

  • Ballylagan Organic Farm - Straid

  • MicroBio Health Store  Newry

  • Jacksons@Saintfield Co Down

  • The Essence Health Store, Newcastle

  • Fish&Farm Deli Newcastle

  • Ark Community Centre Castlewellan


  • St. George's Market,
    Belfast every Fri, Sat-Sun

  • seasonal & Christmas markets

        across Northern Ireland

  • The Local -  Monaghan Town

  • Dublin Food  Co-op,Newmarket Square, Dublin 8

  • Small Changes - Drumcondra

  • Small Changes - Inchicore

  • Simple Simons,
    Donegal Town, The Diamond

  • The Wholegreen Cafe- Letterkenny

  • Food for Thought - Buncrana


CUSTOMISED ORDERS can be arranged and posted using the keenest courier and 24-48hr service

Amberline Preserves Gourmet Eco-Farmed Food & Drink Stockists
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Amberlne Preserves, 5 Chestnut Grove, Benburb, Co Armagh. NI 

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